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Jeffrey G. Winn

Managing Partner
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Jeff and his wife, Angie, have lived in central Florida for over 20 years. They currently live in the small town of Windermere, which is a quiet suburb about ten miles west of downtown Orlando.

Jeff and Angie have 2 sons, Alex and Jack, who were born in 2003 and 2007 respectively.

Jeff and Angie met while attending the University of Florida, in Gainesville, Florida. Their careers led them to Orlando after graduation, where they’ve been ever since. They were married in 1997.


Jeff has been in the financial services industry for over 20 years. After a great deal of formal training with a private financial group in Gainesville, Jeff moved to Orlando to work with International Assets as a financial consultant.

Within the overall financial services universe, Jeff has developed his particular expertise in the areas of portfolio management, risk management, and retirement and estate planning. Jeff is a Managing Partner as well as the Director of Retirement and Estate Planning with International Assets Advisory, LLC.

Jeff has successfully completed the required curriculum for several industry designations, including the Certified Financial Planning certificate and the Certified Senior Advisor certificate. Jeff has earned several NASD issued licenses, including licenses qualifying him as a Registered Representative and a Registered Principal. Jeff also successfully completed the NASD Uniform Investment Adviser Law Exam. In addition to his securities licenses, Jeff also holds life, health, and variable insurance licenses in several states.

Jeff has been invited to lecture in front of thousands of investors around the country on the topics of wealth protection, portfolio management, tax reduction and much more. He is a contributing writer and wealth protection panelist for such well respected groups as the Oxford Club and The Fleet Street Letter. His insights have been cited in Financial Planning magazine. Jeff’s strategies and services have also been recommended by other leading financial publications, such as Steve Sjuggerud’s True Wealth, Porter Stansberry’s Investment Advisory, Chris Weber’s Global Opportunities Report, and Vantage Point. Jeff also serves many local community financial advisories.

Jeff’s work in the financial services realm has led to high accolades within the industry, including membership into the Global Register’s “Who’s Who in Executives and Professionals” and repeat qualification for the Million Dollar Round Table.
In addition to his work with high net worth individuals and small- to mid-sized corporations, Jeff has provided various services for charitable organizations including the Children’s Miracle Network and the Make a Wish Foundation.


“I think I may be building a national reputation as the ‘worst case scenario’ guy”.

As you can tell from this tongue-in-cheek comment at a recent speaking engagement at an Investment University conference, Jeff has a unique approach to money management – which is: always know what can go wrong. From Jeff’s perspective, until you’ve identified your risks and devised a strategy for how to minimize them, you’re strictly speculating. Successful portfolio management begins with quantifying your downside risk and then doing everything possible to reduce it or plan it away. Then you can go forward with looking into how much money can be made.

“My job is to manage, not sell”.

“Advisors should be paid by clients, not product providers.”

A fiercely independent approach to the financial services industry is something that truly sets Jeff’s practice apart from most others. In Jeff’s opinion, too many conflicts of interest still exist in the world of financial planning. Commissions, incentives, and other ‘kick-backs’ still influence much of the industry. This explains why Jeff’s practice leans toward fee-based programs, which create a vested interest in success, not activity.

“Asset Allocation can never be over-emphasized”.

Nobel Prizes are supported by piles of statistics that prove the importance of proper allocation to portfolio performance.

“All successful money managers have learned a few universal truths. One of them is that the best way to outperform the markets over time is to avoid sizeable losses”.

In other words, one of the best ways to make money is to not lose much of it when the markets go in reverse. This takes discipline, courage, and a firm belief in asset allocation.

“Active management has become increasingly important in the past few years”.

It is becoming harder and harder to believe that you can simply buy shares of a solid company’s stock and be able to trust it to grow for the foreseeable future. Investors have learned that ‘buy and hold’ isn’t always valid. This is why Jeff emphasizes the need for a disciplined approach to each and every portfolio component.

A solid financial future is based on the following five pillars:

Investment Planning – successful money management
Tax Planning – keeping all taxes at their bare minimum
Retirement Planning – guaranteeing future account balances and income streams
Estate Planning – passing your assets efficiently to future generations
Protection Planning – sheltering your assets from the future risks of injury, illness, or
potential litigation.


Integrated Wealth Planning: My team's business is driven by the belief that proper planning and investment discipline are not options, but necessities. In our pursuit to provide our clients with peace of mind and financial freedom, our practice incorporates the following specialties:

Portfolio Management Expertise: Statistics continually prove that over 90% of investment success is attributed to asset allocation; when combined with proper diversification, accurate risk tolerance assessment and strict discipline for investment decisions, these four components lay the cornerstones for your investment success.

Risk Reduction Strategies: While no guarantees can be made, we aim to reduce risk by proactively structuring your assets in a manner designed to ensure that your hard-earned wealth will remain in the hands of your family and not be seized by a judgment or creditor.

Tax Liability Reduction: We minimize taxes by structuring and investing assets in the most tax-advantaged manner possible, providing benefits both during life and after death while reducing your largest portfolio expense.
Customized Legacy Preservation: We employ dynasty and incentive trusts on your behalf to create flexible and nearly limitless investment opportunities, helping your heirs maintain your family's wealth after you've gone.

Business-Specific Goal Management: We show you the simplest way to position your business to achieve your goals through: managing liability risk, taking full advantage of benefit plan funding, structuring effective contingency plans in case the unexpected occurs, and creating tax-efficient generational passage.

Disability and Illness Contingencies: We design plans to ensure that your personal and family needs are met and your business endures should you be incapacitated by a physical or mental condition.

Funding your Heirs' Futures: We create the structures needed to ensure the guardianship of your children or grandchildren, the funding of their educational needs, and the direction of their financial futures should you become incapacitated or die prematurely.

Retirement Plan Distributions: We strive to save tax dollars and future tax liabilities through optimizing distribution strategies, stretching tax-advantaged generational transfers and using every available advantage buried within the IRS' rules.

Proactive Plan Maintenance: We ensure that your plan maintains its edge in a very fluid financial environment through monitoring regulatory change and meeting with you on a quarterly basis (or as needed) to make sure your plan evolves instep with the changing world.

Advisor Synergy: We know that attaining your financial goals depends upon cooperation between your team of advisors, so we strive to maintain the strongest network of like-minded professionals possible-giving your team the advantage it needs to accomplish your goals.

"It takes three specific qualities to create a great advisor: the courage and confidence to recommend difficult moves in difficult times; the integrity to tell clients the truth in every circumstance; and the ability to separate a client's goals from one's own."

-Jeff Winn

All investments involve risk which can significantly impact your portfolio. While the investment philosophy attempts to manage risk, it does not completely eliminate risk. However, you can help minimize risk impact to your portfolio of investments through diversification of asset classes, as well as market sectors and positions within sectors. Stocks go down as well as up and clients may lose money, including their original investment. Past history is no indication of future performance and returns are not guaranteed.