Bond Resource Center


International Bonds: IAA is very active in the buying and selling of global securities.
Corporate Bonds: Corporate bonds (also called corporates) are debt obligations.
Municipal Bonds: When you purchase a municipal bond, you are lending money.
Gov't and Agency Bonds: When you buy a Treasury security, you are also lending money.
CD's and other investments: Brokered CDs are CDs issued by banks that are made available to the customers.



Our Capital Markets Division ("CMD") offers a full service for our clients by providing virtually every type of fixed income security in markets around the world, including:

• Corporate Bonds
• U.S. Treasuries
• Zero Coupon Bonds
• High Yield Instruments
• Mortgage and Asset Backed Securities
• Municipal Debt
• Foreign Currency Denominated Issues in both
• Developed and Emerging Markets

Our clients benefit from our extensive in-house resources; investment expertise, the latest technology, advanced analytical tools and relationships with a broad network of fixed income dealers and major investment banking firms all contribute to the delivery of top quality trade executions. More importantly, they assist us in working closely with our clients to develop fixed income strategies tailored to their specific needs and objectives.

Working as a team with IAA's Financial Consultants we recommend a mix of assets in a client's portfolio that takes into account age, need for current income, risk tolerance and tax considerations. We then determine the most suitable fixed income investments and whether they should be purchased as individual instruments or as part of a bond fund or a unit trust.

Our formula for providing the highest level of client satisfaction is simple.

• We listen to our clients
• We deliver the fixed income instruments that best fit their needs and objectives
• We provide clear answers to their questions
• We are accessible to our clients, and that includes senior fixed income managers
• We have expertise in the international and foreign currency bond sectors.