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Investment Banking

International Assets Advisory, LLC (IAA) distinguishes itself by taking a strategic approach to our clients’ transactional objectives and understanding the key elements of what makes a company attractive to investors or buyers. By adopting a less traditional, more thoughtful and creative view of our clients’ objectives, we can advise them on optimal positioning within the capital markets and identify deals that are tailor made for them.
The middle market can be a challenging arena for capital transactions, whether for growth, acquisitions, recapitalization, liquidity or a series of such transactions. IAA recognizes that one size does not fit all and maintain a clear focus on the individual needs of our client companies. As a partner in your capital transaction, we competitively, quickly and efficiently consult with and raise money for capital-ready clients and execute an M&A process to maximize their valuation. Few middle market companies are aware of the most effective way to access the capital markets, or where to obtain the most attractive forms of capital on the best terms for their particular situation. Over the course of their careers, IAA’s team of experienced bankers has been involved in excess of $1 billion in transaction volume targeted in the middle market.

IAA’s deep as well as broad experience in most major industry sectors is matched only by our ability to offer what we call a “Wall Street level” of service and expertise to our clients. This type of experience has not typically been available to middle market clients.

Structuring deals involves both whom you know and what you know. Having the right connections and networks of industry contacts, including partners, capital sources and business owners, allows IAA to provide the right connection to the appropriate decision makers at the right time.

IAA follows a personal, client-focused approach in which we are more interested in helping clients meet their capital and transactional objectives rather than simply closing another deal

IAA’s combined financial and operational experience allows our team to help capital-ready clients navigate the capital markets successfully. By understanding the client’s business and objectives, we know how to identify the right options, the right capital partners, the most favorable structures and the most attractive terms -- and then prepare and position the company for the best deal.

Corporate Finance

Arranging financing and advising companies, institutions and management teams on important capital transactions are areas in which IAA’s operational experience is particularly significant, allowing us to relate to clients on an “operator” level as well as in a financial advisory capacity.

Our experience includes debt, equity and structured financing for growth equity, recapitalization, acquisitions, divestitures and management buy-outs. Through close relationships with capital sources covering the equity, venture capital, senior debt, subordinate and unitranche debt, structured debt, sale/lease back, asset based lending and hedge fund markets, we can advise on all aspects of the transaction from planning through closing.

Mergers and Acquisitions

IAA embraces the role of trusted advisor very seriously. Most transactions, whether buying or selling, will have a dramatic impact on shareholder value. This is a critical time for clients to proceed with the benefit of wise counsel.

It all starts with understanding the client’s motivation and objectives, and then finding the best match. Whether the client is on the buy side, looking at acquisitions for strategic or financial purposes, or is interested in selling the business for the highest price, partial liquidity or growth capital, our process begins with frank discussions about the client’s vision, followed by a thorough examination of options and valuation.

Valuation and Advisory Services

IAA’s valuation and advisory services, including employ industry leading market-based empirical and analytical valuation techniques, augmented by our knowledge of market sectors. For clients needing turnaround, restructuring or reorganization assistance, IAA can provide the necessary advice, improve access to and availability of capital and, as necessary, preserve working capital, reduce working expenses and assist with securing debtor-in-possession financing. M&A advisory services can also play a significant role in identifying buyers for non-core assets or business units.

Market Sectors

With knowledge of and contacts in a wide range of market sectors, IAA offers clients an in-depth awareness of market conditions and trends as well as top-level professional relationships. Taken together, these elements create a greater likelihood of success in addressing client opportunities.

In many cases, clients may benefit from the inter-relationship of a number of our market sectors, such as healthcare and technology, real estate and healthcare or media and technology.

IAA professionals are constantly researching new markets for opportunities and adding new sets of capabilities. The listings at left should be viewed only as a sampling of our market experience.