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How do I Fund my account?

Your account can be funded in several ways:

  • By check
  • By incoming fed wire
  • Account Transfer (ACAT)
  • Via EFT (must setup instructions first; contact your advisor for more information)

Who do I make checks payable to?

All checks MUST be made payable to our clearing firm, National Financial Services or NFS

Checks can be mailed to our home office:

Attention: Operations
International Assets Advisory, LLC
390 North Orange Ave. Suite 750
Orlando, FL 32801

Incoming Fed Wire Instructions

Same-day wires to National Financial Services LLC (NFS) For the Benefit Of (FBO) must include the customer brokerage account number and name.

Customers must contact their bank to provide the following wire instructions for brokerage accounts:

Wire to: JP Morgan Chase Bank, NY
Bank address: One Chase Manhattan Plaza, New York City, NY 10005
ABA routing number: 021000021
For credit to: National Financial Services LLC
Account number: 066196–221
For benefit of: Customer name
For final credit to: Customer brokerage account number

! Important: If the account is a retirement account, include the contribution type, for example, current year contribution (CYC). For more information on wires into retirement accounts, please contact your financial advisor.

Unacceptable Deposits

  • Coin or currency
  • Foreign instruments
  • Money orders
  • Domestic drafts
  • Checks that have been double endorsed (checks with more than one signature on the back)
  • Checks from minors
  • Stale-dated checks (over three-months old)
  • Post-dated checks
  • Any checks from federal, state or local government entities
  • Travelers checks
  • Credit-card checks
  • Checks made payable to IAA or anyone other than NFS or the client

How do I access my account online?

You can access your account by visiting:

If you do not already have a user ID and pin, you can register by clicking the ‘Register Now’ link and following the on screen instructions. For further assistance, contact your financial advisor.